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1.He added, "Tokyo continues to be the best prepared Olympic city. The health and safety of all concerned remain our top priority."。
2.The Real Madrid player heaped praise on Peru, who he said would test the five-time world champions, despite the absence of their captain and all-time leading scorer Paolo Guerrero because of a knee injury.。
3.Barca coach Ronald Koeman made no secret of his wish to see the 19-year-old return to the Camp Nou, but Barcelona were unable to close a deal before the transfer window closed on Monday night.。
4.The former Bayern performer claims the team needs to count on a reliable strategy.。
5."We can see the improvement from our players in terms of their game mentality," Tianjin coach Liu Hao commented.。
6."However, in order to attract more to this sport, we arrange four players a team with a woman in each. The more people take part in, the better beach volleyball is popularized, and that's where the success of a sport lies in," said Liu.。


1.RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Barcelona and Brazil midfielder Philippe Coutinho said Saturday that his hunger for success has increased three-fold after his season-long loan at Bayern Munich.。
2.Cape Verde is scheduled to host Rwanda on November 13 while a return leg match will be played in Kigali on November 17. Both nations are in Group F, which also features Cameroon and Mozambique.。
3.Tianjin's Zhao Fangxin wasted three free throws to tie the game when they trailed at 76-79 in overtime.。
4."Freestyle football is attractive to the ordinary audience so it can help promote football," she said.。
5."We're going to continue to play the way we always do because attacking is in the DNA of Brazilian players," added Rodrygo, who was introduced as a 58th-minute substitute against Bolivia at Corinthians Arena on Friday.。
6.The inexperienced coach had to compensate that by squeezing every minute.。


1.After matchday 3, Scotland top the group with 7 points, thanks to a 1-0 home win against Slovakia, followed by the Czech Republic (6 points), Israel (2) and Slovakia (1).。
2.Lakers star LeBron James had 40 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists and Anthony Davis put up 28 points and 12 rebounds.。
3.When first meeting Liu Tianzi, it's difficult to associate her with the above description. It isn't until her feet drew a gentle but powerful arc on the ground that we were sure she is the "female Tai Chi master."。
4.Wu Tongtong got 21 points, Yu Dong scored 16 points while Zhao Zhifang added 13 for Shanxi.。
5.According to Malawi's government, strict guidelines that led to the reopening of schools and airports will also apply to sports in the country.。
6.Pundits and media speak about the four-time world champion no longer being a top-class international team.。


1、The fixture will be played in Austria on November 14 at a yet-to-be confirmed venue, the Mexican Football Federation said in a statement on Sunday.。
2、"These days are a bit strange because it's a long time since I have not been called up," admitted Asensio on radio station Onda Cero.。
3、"We have shown that we can do our best in the face of the worst conditions," he said. "We have confidence of beating South Korea." Enditem。
4、"Jiangsu's team chemistry is better than us, as they have played for quite a long time. We suffered some problems in our defense, and didn't restrain their character," Xinjiang coach Gao Fengjuan lamented. Enditem。
5、Barca coach Ronald Koeman made no secret of his wish to see the 19-year-old return to the Camp Nou, but Barcelona were unable to close a deal before the transfer window closed on Monday night.。


Having thrown away a lead three times against underdogs Turkey (3-3) seems to indicate a continuation of the team's winless 2020 record.!


  • 凶险 10-31

    "The support from the Queensland government ensures we are able to deliver the season in 2020, providing a stage for Australia's best established and emerging talent to contest the 41st edition of Australia's longest-running elite women's sporting competition," Rechter said.

  • 险主 10-30

    "What I can do this year is to keep a good mood. I will try to adjust myself to reach a peak state during the Olympics next year," she added.

  • 死死 10-29

    That did spark the momentum for the Greek, he broke Djokovic's service in the 12th again to claim the set and won another in the fourth.

  • 显玉 10-28

    The inexperienced coach had to compensate that by squeezing every minute.

  • 莫非 10-27

    The Lakers beat the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, winning its first championship in a decade.

  • 隔很 10-26

    Opening a club in the urban area, Feng hoped more and more young people in China will have the opportunity to know and start to play golf.

  • 神几 10-25

    Loew has worsened his situation by stating he stands above all critics as he has experienced them for nearly 16 years.

  • 糕我 10-24

    Mikel Oyarzabal's 13th minute goal gave the Spaniards the win that means they have seven points from their opening three matches in the competition after previously drawing in Germany and beating the Ukraine (who they play again on Tuesday).

  • 差不 10-23

    The Saturday meet will be aided by Wavelight electronic pace-setter, a new technology in track running and the 24-year-old Kipyegon has expressed her confidence ahead of the meeting organized by Global Sports Communication for a selected group of world class athletes.

  • 轻轻 10-22

    These three players have all been included in the squad for the Champions League along with John Stones, who remains at Manchester City despite his erratic form since joining from Everton in 2016.

  • 痴呆 10-21

    The statement added that registered runners for the 2020 Tokyo Marathon are able to defer their entry to either next year's race or the 2022 edition. Enditem

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